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The Halfa Crown Club


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The Halfa Crown Club was formed eleven years ago by the gang of four (Marina, Foggy Cleg and Compo). We called our selves 'The last of the Summer' as 3 of us were passed our sell by date.

The aim was, and still is, to enjoy our lake without having to have the pressures of racing. We even have a set of simple rules: to sail in a safe manner, assist if someone is in difficulty and help each other without having to be asked. We chose Wednesday afternoons to be our day and any member of THE CLUB (HSC) would be welcome to join us.


How did we become the 2/6d ers? Well I was asked by a senior member how much was the joining fee and in hast I answered Half a Crown. Two weeks later he gave me one and it had cost only 1.50 on Ebay. It took me a while to explain that we had no Treasurer but he insisted I kept it any way.


Two years later we invented the Wellington Cup. After my boots not The Duke. This was to be and still is a Fun day with Cups to the winners (non returnable) which are presented at the Free BBQ.


Another two years passed and we started 'A bit of a do' which is held each year at the end of September.


Come on down any Wednesday andf Have-a-chat or Have-a-sail or Cup-of-tea.


See you soon. Mugwump (Michael Flack)







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