Haversham Sailing Club has a small,but very popular Fishing Syndicate. We aim to provide quality fish on a quality lake. Anglers wishing to be put on the waiting list please contact the HSC Fishery Manager.

The highlight of 2017 was restocking the lake with over 20 quality new carp, each of them weighing in at 10lbs and over. Each of the stunning fish were photographed from both sides before releasing into lake, noting their different scale patterns. This will enable us anglers to identify which fish we are lucky enough to catch and to record their growth rates, which we are anticipating doubling within two years. Photographs, scale patterns and growth rates may sound silly to the sailors and many of the fish have or will, acquire names!

2017 also saw the launch of the Haversham Fishing Syndicate Facebook group, which is a great way of keeping in contact beyond the lakeside and sharing information, news and photographs.

Overcoming Challenges
From an angling point of view, 2017 has been a tough year. Weed growth made fishing extremely difficult at times and almost impossible at other times. Despite this, some anglers were keen to battle through and make some impressive catches, including tench at nearly 10lbs, bream of 12˝lbs and carp at almost 30lbs! Well done to you all.

The HSC Fishing Syndicate works harmoniously with the sailing section, undertaking club duties and helping to maintain the estate. Anglers, please try to make use of the weed boat as much as possible – it benefits both us and the sailors.

Tight lines and good sailing for the next year.


Steve Miller:


Plan of lake and racing marks




Mark Tyrell, 2017

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